Electrical Contractor Quesnel

Electrical Contractor Quesnel

5 Questions To Ask An Electrical Contractor In Quesnel

While there are those who believe that every electrician is created equally, there are also those who know better. When we are in the process of hiring an electrical contractor in the Quesnel region, there are a few different questions that we will need to ask if we are going to find the technician that is right for us.

Those who are in the process of seeking out an electrical contractor in the Quesnel region should certainly take the time to read on and learn more. After all, a top notch electrical contractor that can handle all of our needs in the Quesnel region is not going to find themselves.

1) Do You Have The Proper Insuring and Bonding?

This is the first question that needs to be asked and if we are not willing to start here, we are placing ourselves in a position that we do not want to be in over the long term. If the electrical contractor is not willing to answer a basic question like this one in the affirmative, this is not a sign that should be ignored for any reason. An electrician that is not bonded and insured is not an electrician that we should ever be hiring.

2) What’s The Current Licensing Status?

Once the insuring and bonding aspect of the decision has been squared away, it is time to look into the licensing status of the electrician. When the electrician says that they are licensed, we need to find out more about the exact specifics. Are they licensed in the state that we are currently residing in? Has the licensing been renewed recently? Is there tangible evidence of the licensing? These are all questions that need to be answered.

3) What Are The Company Drug Policies?

The last thing that anyone should want is an electrician that is getting high on the job or even beforehand. This is a question that often goes unasked and that is to our own detriment. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that every electrician is going to share the same policies as far as drug use is concerned. Take the time to actually ask the question and don’t accept any answers that are not backed up with recent paperwork.

4) What Experience Level Does The Contractor Have?

Electrical related tasks come in a wide variety and there are no two tasks that are exactly alike. That’s why we need to take the time to find out more about the specific experience level of the contractor before making a final decision. They may have experience when it comes to certain aspects of the electrical trade but that does not mean that they are going to be able to handle every single aspect of the job without any hiccups.

5) Has The Business Been In Existence For a Long Time?

Finding out about the experience level of the contractors is important and so is finding out about the experience level of the company itself. Have they been in existence for a significant length of time? What are their reviews like? These are questions that must be answered in full.


Electrical Contractor Quesnel
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